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Welcome to We specialise in Web Hosting and the provision of ISP independent email addresses.

About Us:

I am Kevan Hart, I started Email1 as a subsidiary of Burway Computers in 2000. Primarily the function was to provide web hosting facilities for my own website and small local businesses. As time went on I began to host more websites and that side of the business grew Until I now Host under two banners, and I also expanded into providing ISP independent email addresses. See my Email page.

I was often asked about website design but I had little spare time and didn't feel I had the creativity to produce original looking websites. (Witness the site you are looking at now).My brother Richard began web design on his own website His success with that website led to others asking him to build websites for them and it became a growing business.

We realised that our services were complimentary and I understood that he has the creativity that I lack so we joined forces under the banner of AWS (Affordable Web Solutions).

We offer a complete service for anyone who needs or wants an affordable web prescence. Contact us if you think we can help